Our Pricing Plans

Our pricing are transparent and will be quoted and invoiced according to the amount of work required for your project. The majority of our clients need us for 10 to 20 hours total; after that, they might have the occasional email question, but there isn’t really any ongoing expense.

At Luminous Media we are equally happy to do all the work ourselves, or to guide and mentor your team, if you’d like to keep costs down and become more self-reliant.


Sometimes you just need professional insights to point you in the right direction. With more than 20,000 hours of consultation under our belt, we answer all your questions and bring clarity to the table.

Social Media Brand Strategy
$150 per hour
Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Strategy
Page 1 search results/Domain authority/Keyword relevancy/metadata
$150 per hour


It is easy to get stuck doing the same thing over and over again, not knowing the effectiveness is frustrating. Our audit reports get your pain-points under the spotlight for immediate rectification.

Social Media Audit
Provides a report on the effectiveness of your current social media execution with recommendations of next-level actions
$500 per report
Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Audit
Provides a report on the effectiveness of your current Google SEO execution with recommendations of next-level actions
$650 per report

Content Creation & Publication

We never create simply to fill up your blog pages, or because you have to since everyone is doing so. We create content so that they help you bring in the audience and traffic which feeds your business. Content that ranks in Google’s search engine for your target audience to discover and engage you.

SEO Focused Article Post
SEO targetted article for priority ranking
$150 per 500 words
$200 per 1000 words
Instagram & Facebook
2x Weekly social media postings for consistent brand impressions and engagement
$150 per week

Digital Advertising

At Luminous Media, we believe in charging a flat fee for ad campaigns instead of you a percentage of your ad spend. You should be able to scale your ads within its scalable range without requiring additional work from us. We estimate the amount of time and effort the account is going to take to manage and arrive at the fee from there. If the client drastically changes their budget to increase the amount of work we do, we simply propose a new flat fee.

Facebook & Instagram Ads
Campaign setup/Audience/Management/Optimisation/conversion
$150 per hour
Google Search Ads
Campaign setup/Keyword research/Management/Optimisation/conversion
$150 per hour
Google Shopping Ads
Google Merchant/integration/conversion
$150 per hour

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